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Murungakkai puli kulambu or drum stick tamarind curry

Murungakkai puli kulambu or drum stick tamarind curry

Murungakkai puli kulambu

Murungaikkai are used regularly in many asian countries.Drumstick tree called the “powder house of minerals”is the most common tree in india.its leaves ,fruits,flower,barks and seeds have medicinal values and are used in various manner in all dishes,the drumstick is a fairly common vegetable grown all over india andpakistan.the tender fruit is used in sambar,poriyal,puli kulambu and most dishes in indian homes.murungakkai puli kulambu is yummy tasty recipes….



mustard seed.

fenu greek seed-1/2 tsp

curry leaves-1 tsp

small onion-7


drum stick-2

chilli powder-1tsp

turmeric powder-1/2tsp

tamarind-gooseberry size

coconut-9 tsp

sambar podi-2tsp

coriander leaves

salt as needed


1.Soak tamarind in warm water for 10 min.
2.cut the drumstick.
3.In a blender,add coconut,chilli pow, turmeric powder,sambar powder,add little water and grind like fine paste.


1.Take a pan or kadai,put the oil and when it is hot add  mustard, fenugreek  ,asafoetida[when its pops up]add curry leaves.small onion ,garlic,fry for few minutes.

2.Now add the drumstick ,enough salt let it get cooked.

3.Add tomato fry for few mintues and add one and half water [upto drumstick cook softly]

4.Then add tamarind paste or juice ,add grinded coconut paste mixture and stir well.cook for 5 min .

5.when the dish is ready garnish with coriander leaves.

6. Now drumstick tamarind curry is ready to serve with hot rice, ven pongal,idly and dosa.


1.Juice of drumstick when mixed in milk and offered to children greatly helps by strenthening their bones .

2.Drumstick soup helps ease any kind of chest congestions,coughs and sore throats.

3.pregnant women should often eat drumstick as is helps ease any kind of pre and post delivery complication. is great source of calcium.also drumstick is said to be great blood purifier.





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